Poly Film Bubble Envelope Bag Making Machine

Poly Film Bubble Envelope Bag Making Machine
Air bubble film envelop making machine is special for epe foam, air bubble film bag which widely used as shockproof bags, fragile products packing.
This machine is used for making paper/kraft/film laminated bubble envelope bag, which kind of bags are widely used for protect products and mailing.
● Cutter
● Material pulling
● Gluing
● The main function of main engine is to mold the compounded material by heating pressing and sealing.
● Folding part
● Feeding part
Product Characteristics


Poly Bubble Mailer Machine. It is used for various kinds of PE film and kraft paper laminated material. It can make air bubble (courier, clothing, etc) packaging bags. This machine is fully automatic control and easy to operate. It has servo motors, inverters, PLC control, touch screen with parameters!


Technical Parameter


Poly film Bubble Envelope Machine
Suitable Materials: air bubble film+aluminum foil/poly film/bopp film
Using computer control system, man-machine interface, simple operation, accurate bag length.
Double-sided water-cooling bag making, rapid cooling, eagerly neat and firm sealing
Automatic folding and feeding, can make the bag with straight edge, wrong edge, no misplacement failure of bag making, can completely replace manual folding, saving labor cost.
Multiple bags can be fed at the same time, and the efficiency is doubled.
The eager-cutting mechanism is reasonably designed and can be applied to thin and soft bubble film and pearl cotton bags without material blocking failure.
Adjust the heat-sealing time parameters, which can be used to make pearl cotton bags with a thickness of less than 2mm without additional mechanisms.
The bag-making sealing line is firm and the production efficiency is high.
Easy to use, flexible and stable speed regulation.


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