Automatic Stretch Film Rewinder

Automatic Stretch Film Rewinder
Automatic stretch film rewinding machine is designed for rewinding the stretch film jumbo to pre stretch film product roll or standard stretch film product roll.
Machine is able to add on the folding edge on the both side of pre stretch sub roll, and also able to be oscillating rewinding to make the loose sub roll by much bigger diameter.
Pre-stretching allows the initial stretch film to become thinner while remaining strong and tear resistant. It can reduce the application of film and increase the economic benefit.
This model is a brand new product developed by our factory. Compared to the semi automatic stretch film rewinding machine, the rewinding speed of the machine is faster and the film is flatter.
Product Characteristics


1. Machine is controlled by PLC computer. All programs are set by computer. The operation is simple and convenient.
2. The jumbo roll film is pneumatically loaded; paper tube is automatically fed, automatic rewinding, automatic cutting, and automatic roll change.
3. The pre stretch ratio can be 100%-300% adjustable.


Technical Parameter


Machine name: Automatic stretch film rewinding machine
Machine model: UTOFJ-AT500
Max jumbo roll width: 500mm(adjustable)
Max jumbo roll diameter: 400mm
Jumbo roll inner diameter: 76mm(3inch)
Jumbo roll loading way: Pneumatic cylinder
Max product roll width: 600mm(adjustable)
Product roll inner diameter: 38mm,50mm,76mm(option)
Product roll length: 50meters,100meters,300meters (option)
Design pre stretch rewinding speed: max 300rpm/min
Design standard stretch film rewinding speed: max 650rpm/min
Voltage: 220/380/415/450v,3ph(option)


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