Semi-auto Cling Film Rewinder

Semi-auto Cling Film Rewinder
It is multifunctional equipment for rewinding and slitting plastic films, such as stretch film, casting film, cling film and protective film
Product Characteristics


The machine is very easy to operate, making the rewinding material more flat and solid. After contacting with air, the tensile force and puncture resistance are better.

Rewinding can correct the staggered layers of products and improve the flatness, appearance quality and other technical indexes of coiled materials.

The diameter of the paper tube of the winding shaft is 26 / 38 / 50 / 76mm, which can be switched freely.

The machine has the advantages of convenient and flexible adjustment, low noise, variable frequency speed regulation, new double station coil changing and automatic winding length counter. It is an ideal rewinding and slitting equipment with high cost performance.


Technical Parameter


Finished product width: 500mm
Motor power: 1.5kw
Mechanical linear speed: 200-500M/min
Load up roll: by handle
Diameter of master roll: 450mm
Maximum width of master roll: 500mm
Master roll core: 3"
Sub roll width: 50-500mm
Diameter of sub roll (max): 220mm
Sub roll core: 1"  1.5"  2"  3"
Overall dimension (mm): 1300 (W) × 1100(L) × 1050(H)
Weight: 0.6 t


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