Bubble Forming Roller

Bubble Forming Roller
Technical Parameter


Bubble Forming Roller/Bubble Forming Cylinder/Bubble Forming Mold

- Standard width: 1000、1200、1500、1600、1800、2000、2500、3000、3500mm

- Bubble forming roller diameter: Φ212mm、Φ240mm、Φ269mm、Φ318mm、Φ365mm、Φ395mm、Φ420mm、Φ450mm

- Standard round-shape bubble size: Φ6mm、Φ10mm、Φ25mm、Φ30mm(accept different size customization)

- Bubble shape: Round-shape、Heart-shape、Honeycomb-shape(accept different shape customization)

- Bubble forming roller adopts high grade seamless steel pipe.

- Surface treatment: Hard chrome, External Circle Polishing

- The bubble forming cylinder adopts special internal circulation chilled water design to ensure perfect bubble forming effect under high speed operation.



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